What are Deductions?

What are Deductions?

Why are deductions applied?

When a runner is scratched from the final field of a race, this alters the market and it is a requirement for that market to be re-framed. Deductions are applied to the face value of the ticket based off an industry scale used by the trading team. The deduction is calculated and applied based on the fixed odds win price of the runner at the time it is scratched from the market

What is a late scratching?

A horse which is scratched from a race after acceptances have been declared.

Which bets are subject to deductions?

All fixed odds racing (Thoroughbreds, Harness and Greyhounds) bets may be subject to deductions. Any scratchings that occur after the declaration of the final field are classed as late scratchings.

What is the Final Field?

The Final Field refers to the final list of race acceptors as advised by the controlling Race Club. All bets struck prior to the Final Field being declared are accepted on an ALL-IN basis (i.e. no refunds for non-runners and no deductions from any other runner.) Bets struck after the final field is declared are eligible for a full refund on scratched horses or greyhounds and deductions will apply to remaining runners.

How much will be deducted from my bet?

The amount of the deduction varies based on a number of factors including, the size of the field, the price of the scratched horse and what time the horse was scratched.

Example: You place a $10 Fixed Odds Win bet on a horse at $4.00. The $2 favourite was a late scratching which led to a deduction of 42c per dollar. To calculate the payout:

  1. $10 stake x $4.00 odds = $40 face value of ticket (this is what you would have been paid if there were no deductions)
  2. $40 face value of the ticket x 42c deductions per dollar = $16.80 deducted amount
  3. $40 face value of ticket – $16.80 deducted amount = $23.20 actual payout.


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