Australian Open

Chase The Ace 2018

Chase The Ace 2018

What is Chase the Ace?

The Chase the Ace promotion gives you the chance to receive bonus rewards for betting on the Australian Open. Place a head to head bet on any Australian Open singles match, and you will receive bonus rewards every time your player serves an ace. You get the rewards, even if your player doesn’t win the match!

How do I play Chase the Ace?

Select a head to head bet on any Australian Open singles match. In the bet slip you will see the Chase the Ace badge on eligible bets. Once you have placed the bet, spin the wheel to see the number of rewards you will get per Ace.

What rewards are on offer?

You can earn 10, 20, 40, 100, 200, or 400 Reward Points for each ace served by your player in the match. You can also receive 1,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for each ace served. 

Last year Chase the Ace was awarded in bonus bets. Why is it now in Rewards Points or Velocity Points? 

William Hill Rewards Points give you more flexibility and choice in how you want to spend your bonus. You may use your Rewards Points at any time to redeem for Bonus Bets (starting at $2), Price Pumps, or Velocity Frequent Flyer Points. Rewards Points have an added advantage of a longer expiry period rather than Bonus Bets.  

How many Rewards Points or Velocity Points will I receive?

There is no cap limit on how many Rewards Points or Velocity Points you can receive on a particular match. The amount you receive per ace, multiplied by the number of aces your player serves will determine the amount of Rewards Points or Velocity Points you will receive.

How many times can I take this offer up?

The Chase the Ace promotion is available for matches in the 2018 Australian Open Tennis Mens and/or Womens Singles Tournaments. Up to 10 Chase the Ace bets can be placed each day. Each Chase the Ace bet must be on a different match to previously placed Chase the Ace bets.. William Hill reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend this offer at any time.

How much money do I need to place to be eligible for this promotion?

Minimum stake to be eligible for this offer is $25.

Will I get Reward Points for all aces in a game?

Eligible clients will only receive reward points on aces served by the player they have selected to win.

Does my player need to win for the Chase the Ace promotion?

Eligible clients will receive a bonus every time their player selected serves an ace, regardless of whether the selected player  wins or loses the match.

What happens if I back both players?

Chase the Ace is available once per match. Only the first single bet struck on a player in the head to head market in each match will be eligible for the offer.

If more than one bet is placed on a match in the one bet slip (ie a bet on both players in the match), only one bet will be deemed a Chase the Ace bet eligible for the offer; the eligible bet will be the first bet on the bet slip which is accepted by William Hill’s system (please note that this may not necessarily be the first bet confirmed on a your bet slip). If you want to choose which bet will be eligible for Chase the Ace, make sure you place the bet separately to any other bet on the match, placing your preferred bet for Chase the Ace first.

I have multiple bets to be placed at one time, how many spins do I get?

If you have multiple bets in your bet slip eligible for Chase the Ace, and you place all of those bets at one time, you will get ONE spin of Chase the Ace and that bonus will apply to all the eligible Chase the Ace bets in your bet slip.

I don’t like the bonus that I have received. Can I spin again?

Only the bonus received on your spin will be issued. Bonuses will not be amended or substituted.

Can I use bonus bets to play Chase the Ace?

No, bets placed with Bonus Bets will not be eligible for this offer.

Do I still get Chase the Ace if I Cash Out my bet?

No, if you Cash Out you will not receive your Chase the Ace rewards, and you will not be able to place another Chase the Ace bet on that same match. Bets which have been Cashed Out will also count towards your allowance of ten (10) Chase the Ace bets per day and you will not be able to place another Chase the Ace Bet in lieu of the Cashed Out bet.

I have placed a Chase the Ace bet, but I can’t remember the bonus rewards that I spun. How do I know what rewards I will receive?

Check you pending bets and you will see which bets are eligible to receive a Chase the Ace bonus. It will tell you how many reward points you will receive for each Ace served by your selected player.

Is Chase the Ace available on Doubles matches?

No, it is only available on singles matches.

Will I receive Chase the Ace on any market for a match?

No, it is only on straight, Head to head bets.

The match for my selection has ended but my Bonus hasn’t been credited to my account for the number of aces that were served.

Rewards Points bonuses will be credited within 24 hours of the completion of a match to your betting account. If you received Velocity Points, these may take up to 5 working days from the latter of you linking your Velocity Frequent Flyer number, or the completion of a match.

I am entitled to receive bonus Velocity Points under Chase the Ace, but I don’t have a Velocity account. How do I receive my points?

Joining Velocity is free and becoming a member is easy. JOIN NOW. Once you have input your Velocity number into the Rewards section of the William Hill website or app, your points will be credited by William Hill to your Velocity account.

What is Velocity Frequent Flyer?

Velocity Frequent Flyer is an award winning loyalty program providing members with many easy ways to earn Velocity Points both at home and around the world. When it comes to using your Points, Velocity offers great choice and flexibility. Choose to redeem for flights, flight upgrades, accommodation or products via the Velocity Rewards Store and much more. Find out more about Velocity at WWW.VELOCITYFREQUENTFLYER.COM

Where can I find more information around Rewards Points?

Please visit our Rewards page for more information.

Where can I find more information around Chase The Ace?

Please visit our Promotions Page for more information


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